Now Earn Money From Facebook. Monetization From Facebook !

Dec 30, 2023 by Sahriar Safin

Now Earn Money From Facebook. Monetization From Facebook !

At present, Facebook has become a part of our daily lives. Everyone from child to old age can be said to be addicted to this addiction. On Facebook, with many pages of the night cut, there is a happy news for them. Now they are no longer late than their big people. Because Facebook has launched a video monitize system from Worldwide.

If you are the owner of the page, then you might think “Is it possible to monetize my pages?”

The answer is, yes is possible. You can get some steps to keep the desired monitization.

The way

The first condition of Facebook Monitoring is that your page must have a minimum of 10,000 likes.

Must be 10 thousand likes along with 60,000 or 30,000 minutes of 500 hours or 500 hours of video watch time.

If your video is suitable for monitization, its length must be at least 3 minutes.

If all of the above are okay then you can do page manipulation.


But do not forget to read the Monetisation Eligibility Standards rules on Facebook.


How it works – Facebook Live Video Advertisement :

During the live streaming of Facebook, the creators can offer a small break. Advertising will be promoted at this break Revenue for 15 seconds will be advertised.

Video on Demand

You can get your desired ad by making videos according to the audience’s needs. There are also ads like YouTube.

The total revenue from your content will be 55% in your pocket and the remaining 45% goes to Zuckerberg’s account.

How to turn on?

First, go to your page and click on the Publishing Tools option. Switch to the Publishing Tools options in the Creator Studio. There you will find Check Eligibility options. Click here to know if your page is suitable for maneatyzation.

If your pages are suitable, the video manager will see the dollar icon in front of the video. Your video is monitored if the icon is green. If you are blue, Facebook will review your video. And if you are yellow, then your video is not suitable for monitization.

How to get the payment?

The options available on the left side of the creator studio. Go there and add it to the payout settings.

If you can cross all the steps, you can get your monitization.

Hopefully, I understand everything. If you want to know something, then you must comment. Do not forget to share the article!





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