No-Code Mobile App Builders: The Top 6 No-Code Mobile App Builders

Jan 22, 2024 by Sahriar Safin

No-Code Mobile App Builders: The Top 6 No-Code Mobile App Builders

No-Code Mobile App Builders:  A Comprehensive Guide

Mobile apps are crucial for organizations of all sizes in the current digital era. However, creating a mobile application can be a costly and difficult procedure. No-code mobile app builders can help with this.

You may make apps without knowing any coding thanks to no-code mobile app builders. They are therefore a fantastic choice for business owners, startups, and anyone else who wants to create an app but lacks the necessary technical know-how.

We'll talk about six of the most well-liked no-code mobile app builders in this blog post. To assist you in selecting the best builder for your requirements, we will go over each one's features, costs, and use cases.

The Top 6 No-Code Mobile App Builders:

  1. Flutterflow: A strong builder based on the Flutter framework is called Flutterflow. This implies that apps created with Flutterflow are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Among the many capabilities of Flutterflow include the ability to deliver push alerts, make animations, and link with Firebase. Additionally, it offers a fantastic free plan that lets you create up to 100 pages.

  2. Draftbit: Another strong builder is Draftbit, however, it utilizes the React Native foundation. Another well-liked cross-platform development framework is React Native. Among the many capabilities offered by Draftbit is the capacity to create custom logic and establish connections with various data sources. Additionally, it offers a free subscription that lets you create up to ten projects.

  3. GoodBarber: GoodBarber is a UI-focused, more straightforward constructor. Developing visually appealing apps is made simple with GoodBarber, even if you have no prior design knowledge. There is a free plan available that lets you construct one project.

  4. Glide: Although Glide isn't a native app builder, it's a fantastic choice for creating internal tools. Glide is a feature-rich and incredibly easy-to-use tool that can automate operations and interface with external data sources. With Glide, you can create up to three apps with their free plan.

  5. Bravo Studio: Bravo Studio is a distinct builder that approaches app creation very differently. You create your app in Figma before importing it into Bravo Studio using the Figma project import feature. Because of this, it's a fantastic choice for designers who wish to realize their ideas. The free version of Bravo Studio lets you import one Figma project.

  6. Thunkable: Block-based builder Thunkable is comparable to Scratch. If you're a novice looking to learn how to create apps, this is a wonderful alternative. With Thunkable's free plan, you can create up to two projects.

Choosing the Right No-Code Mobile App Builder:

The needs and experience you have will determine which no-code mobile app builder is best for you. A solid choice if you require a feature-rich and capable builder is Flutterflow or Draftbit. GoodBarber is a wonderful choice if you require a builder that is simple to use and makes it simple to create visually appealing apps. Glide is a wonderful choice if you require a builder to create internal tools. Bravo Studio is a fantastic choice if you're a designer looking to make your ideas a reality. Additionally, Thunkable is a fantastic choice for those who are just starting out and want to learn how to create apps.


You may create mobile apps without writing any code by using no-code mobile app builders. There is bound to be a builder that suits you, given the abundance of excellent options available.

Additional Tips:

  • A no-code mobile app builder should take your needs, experience level, and budget into account.

  • To test out the builder before committing to a paid plan, start with a free plan.

  • Make sure you go through the available tutorials and documentation for the builder you have selected.

  • Never hesitate to ask for assistance if you run into trouble.

You can easily create a fantastic app for yourself or your business with a no-code mobile app builder.

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