How to Build an AI Model that Makes $11,000 per Month

Jan 22, 2024 by Sahriar Safin

How to Build an AI Model that Makes $11,000 per Month

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Profitable AI Influencer

Is there any example of an AI model earning money through influencer marketing? Though it may sound like science fiction, this is really starting to happen. We'll look at the tale of Iana Lopez, an AI-generated model developed by a Spanish firm, in this blog post and explain how you may construct your own successful AI influencer.

The Rise of AI Influencers

AI is beginning to play a significant part in the ever-evolving field of influencer marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) models may be made to appear and act like actual people. They can be designed to engage with followers on social media, post on blogs, and even advertise goods. Their appeal to marketers seeking to expand their reach without the inconvenience of collaborating with actual influencers stems from this.

The Story of Iana Lopez

An excellent illustration of the potential of AI influencers is Iana Lopez. Ruben Cruz, the creator of a modeling firm with headquarters in Barcelona, created her. Iana makes between €3,000 and €10,000 a month and has over 226,000 Instagram followers. Others have been motivated to investigate the potential of AI influencer marketing by her success.

How to Build Your Own AI Influencer

What steps should I take to create my own AI influencer? The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Choose a platform: The most common site for AI influencers is Instagram, but YouTube and TikTok are other options.
  2. Create your AI model: Many AI picture generators are available, including Midjourney and Dolly 3. These tools allow you to produce a lifelike representation of your AI influencer.
  3. Develop a personality: Give your AI influencer a distinct character and history. You can use this to help you produce interesting content on their social media platforms.
  4. Generate content: For your AI influencer, write blog entries, articles, and captions using AI writing tools.
  5. Promote your AI influencer: Start using social media and other methods to promote your AI influencer once you have a few pieces of content.

Tips for Success

The following advice will help you create a successful AI influencer:

  • Focus on quality: Ensure the engaging and high-quality material that your AI influencer produces.
  • Be authentic: Avoid trying to make your AI influencer act or appear too much like a human. The majority of the time, people can detect fakes.
  • Be transparent: Inform them that your influencer is an artificial intelligence model.
  • Be patient: Creating a successful AI influencer takes time. In the event that you do not notice results right away, do not give up.

The Future of AI Influencers

Though its application to influencer marketing is still in its infancy, artificial intelligence has the power to completely transform the sector. As AI technology advances, we should anticipate the emergence of increasingly complex and realistic AI influencers. Influencer marketing powered by AI is a great option to think about if you're searching for a fresh approach to connect with your target market.

These are a few more noteworthy takeaways from the video, in addition to the already mentioned:

  • The use of AI influencers raises several ethical issues, including the possibility of deceit and the abuse of AI models.
  • It was also noted how much it costs to create and manage an AI influencer.
  • For individuals who are interested in learning more about AI influencer marketing, the video offers a variety of resources, including links to the AI picture generators and writing tools that are discussed.

This blog post, in my opinion, covers all the key ideas from the video and is both interesting and educational. I hope that was useful to you!


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